Fall Bike Park Transport

Whistler Blackcomb confirmed their fall plans for September 5th
to October 9th. All zones will be open as usual, however the upload
from Whistler Village will be closed. So all uploads will be from

We wish the Whistler Gondola didn’t have to close or that they would
run a shuttle bus. But we will do our best to look after our guests
and make sure your inconvenience is kept to a minimum.

As a courtesy we have planned a shuttle for rented bikes to Creekside
parking lot and will refund upto $10 if you provide a receipt from a
taxi (usually $10 -$15). We take your bikes, and the taxi takes you.
We cover most of the cost!

So you will be able to ride all of Whistler’s trails and don’t have to
pedal down to Creekside.

Our vehicle for taking bikes will be running from 9am to 11am. The
shuttle offer will be once per day and one way only. You can ride down
Whistler trails at the end of the day to drop your bike back at the

Any questions please let us know? We are independent so don’t have
anything to do with the lift or trail operations at Whistler
Blackcomb. There are now some great intermediate trails in Creekside
and plenty of Blue Flow trails for less experienced riders to enjoy.
As yet there are not any green trails for beginners. There are lots of
fun advanced trails over there as well. The usual Fitz trails will be
open but you will have to ride at a minimum a blue trail to access

Happy Biking!

Team Gateway