standard dh rental bike, Norco Shore in green

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For the price conscious bike park rider we offer Standard Downhill Bike Rentals. Perfect for the Whistler Bike Park. Our Standard Downhill Bikes have 20cm of travel, which provides plenty of suspension for any terrain in the Whistler Bike Park. Our Norco Shore's all have quad piston brakes, providing lots of stopping power to help keep you safe. The Norco Shore’s have a 27.5″ wheel set, are fun, easy to manoeuvre, and great for all levels of trail.

Our rentals run from 9.30am to 5.30pm. To return after 5.30pm we have a twilight add-on for $25. Full face helmets are included in the price. Body armour and damage insurance are optional and can be added from an additional price.

Online Rates (Advanced booking required)

Optional Extras
Twilight - ride till 8pm$25
Damage Insurance$25
Basic Armour$15
Full Body Armour$30
Size Guide
DH Bikes
Height 5'-5'7"5'5"-5'10"5'8"-6'1"5'11"+